EMAI students
EMAI students

Faculty of Science welcomes first students of the new Erasmus Mundus joint Master’s in AI

The start of the second semester also meant the start of our new Erasmus Mundus joint Master’s in Artificial Intelligence (EMAI). This Master’s, which is a cooperation between four European universities, provides a comprehensive framework of theory and practice in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The programme, based in four European research universities, and will give the students the foundational knowledge needed to explore both key contextual areas and complex technical applications of AI systems.

The five students, Neus (Spain), Honor (UK), Antonio (Spain), Andreas (Cyprus) and Aleksandar (Macedonia) all came to Radboud University to follow courses in cyber security. Neus: “It’s my first time going abroad, and I’m looking forward to developing my programming skills and learning about Dutch culture.” Aleksander: “I’m really excited about immersing myself in an international environment and collaborating with people from different backgrounds.”

Besides Radboud University, the students can follow courses at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) in Barcelona, Sapienza University of Rome in Rome (Italy), and University of Ljubljana in Ljubljana (Slovenia).