Afscheid van Mark Rutte
Afscheid van Mark Rutte

Farewell to a 'hardworking Dutchman': Mark Rutte, his premiership and vision

Mark Rutte. Photo: Arno Mikkor.

By Ronald Kroeze

Mark Rutte's premiership is over. After the summer, he will start as secretary-general of NATO. In his own words: "Three months off and then hard work". There was more meaning in this than it seemed.

As prime minister, Rutte idealised a country of hardworking citizens who take responsibility for their own outcomes without the need for much government interference. This view gave direction to his cabinet's policies. However, despite this, the question constantly arose as to whether he had a core vision, as he adjusted his course and choice of words over the years; whether this was due to pressure from the outside world or changing circumstances. Thus, the debate on Rutte's vision shows that leaders provide direction but are also shaped by the context in which they operate.

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