Festival on Nijmegen’s rich Roman history

The week of 21 to 28 August is all about Nijmegen's rich Roman history. The focus is on the Limes: the ancient border of the Roman Empire. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. During this week, the Radboud University and Museum Het Valkhof jointly offer an extensive programme of mini-lectures, workshops and historical walks about the Romans.

The Roman Limes, the border of the Roman Empire, ran from Katwijk-aan-Zee (on the west coast of the Netherlands) along the south side of the Rhine and Danube to the Middle East and via Jordan to Morocco. There was a large army camp at Nijmegen and several smaller ones along the Rhine. Apart from Nijmegen, there were also legion camps in Xanten, in Neuss and in Cologne. Nijmegen not only accommodated large army camps, but it also served as the administrative centre of the Limes.

During this special theme week - which coincides with the 25th scientific LIMES Congress, taking place in Nijmegen this year - you can eat like a Roman, attend mini-colleges and take a historical city walk led by Professor Stephan Mols, among other things.

Since last year, professor Stephan Mols is the new extraordinary professor of Nijmegen history. In this position, which is funded by the city council, he brings Nijmegen's Roman past to the fore. You can read an extensive interview with him - from shortly after his appointment - here.

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