Walk of Wonder
Walk of Wonder

First artworks of new art route unveiled

On April 3rd, the first two art objects of the new art route were unveiled on the Radboud campus: the Walk of Wonder. This approximately two-kilometer route offers a space for reflection, inspiration, and wonder with a total of seven art objects that appeal to all the senses, inspired by the users of the campus. The route meanders through a peaceful natural environment and aims to provide an inspiring experience for employees, students, patients, visitors, and local residents alike.


The first two art objects, "Carry" by artist group Vondelier and "Help" by Amara van der Elst, were unveiled during the event. "Carry" was inspired by the "carrying" function of support staff, while "Help" uses Spoken Word poetry to express conversations with volunteers. Visitors can find "Carry" opposite the Radboudumc main entrance, while "Help" is located in the grove, parallel to the Erasmuslaan, on the side of the University.

'Carry' can be found opposite the main entrance of the Radboudumc.     

'Help' can be found parallel to the Erasmuslaan, on the University side.

The art objects have been marked on the route by beautiful collages, around the collages the art work comes to life. For the entire Art Route click here.

Walk of Wonder

Seven Works of Art

The other five art objects of the Walk of Wonder, "Hope" by Studio Toer, "Reflect" by Ralph Zabel , "Heal" by Birthe Leemeijer, "Take in" by Sissel Marie Tonn, and "Receive" by Omer Polak, appeal to other senses such as touch or smell and can be found at various locations along the route. The concept, developed by art and design studio Fillip Studios, is based on themes that everyone encounters in life, with each art object linked to an art form, a sense, as well as a user group of the campus. The inspiration for each work of art was drawn from conversations with the various user groups of the campus.

The locations have already been marked along the route by beautiful collages, created for each artwork. Later in the year, the other artworks will also be installed and unveiled. By Easter 2024, they will all be available to admire.

Themes and inspiration

Art and design studio Fillip Studios developed the concept and selected the artists. The concept is based on themes that everyone encounters in life: taking in, helping, reflecting, receiving, carrying and hoping. Themes also derived from the Stations of the Cross. Each art object is linked to an art form, a sense, as well as a user group of the campus.

The artists drew inspiration from conversations with the various user groups of the campus: students, researchers, local residents, patients, healthcare professionals, support staff and volunteers. In this way, their "voice" is also integrated into the art route. Therefore, the route is also for everyone: for employees, students, patients, visitors and local residents. 

Route that connects

The Walk of Wonder is a meandering walking route connecting the grounds of the Radboudumc and Radboud University, passing various buildings and green areas in between. The route aims to excite, prompt thought, inspire, and delight, fitting seamlessly into the Radboudumc's master plan to create gardens and a park landscape around the hospital.

How it came to be

The unveiling of the Walk of Wonder started around Easter, as part of the festivities surrounding the 100th anniversary of Radboud University. The Walk of Wonder offers a contemporary take on the Stations of the Cross, a traditional part of Christianity in preparation for Easter. The project was initiated by a donation of a large collection of books and works of art on the theme of the Stations of the Cross by former family physician, writer, and artist Ignace Schretlen and his late wife to the Catholic Documentation Center. 

This donation inspired Professor Baziel van Engelen, Professor of Neurology at Radboudumc. Why not modernize the theme to inspire users of the campus in an art route. At the same time the art objects along the path will also connect Radboudumc and Radboud University together in this way. Throughout the ages, art has been able to inspire and unite people. Thus, the idea for the Walk of Wonder was born. A project group took over the development, and then enlisted the help of the Arnhem-based art and design studio, Fillip Studios, who created the concept for the Walk of Wonder. 

Boekoverhandiging Walk of Wonders

Official Opening

The Walk of Wonder was officially opened with a mini-symposium at Huize Heyendaal, including the presentation of Ignace Schretlen's book, Suffering: Contemporary Visions of the Stations of the Cross and the Last Supper to Bertine Lahuis Chair of the Radboudumc and Rector Han van Krieken, who also wrote the foreword.

Contact information

If you questions or comments, or would like to talk to an artist, please contact judith.vanbeukering [at] ru.nl (Judith van Beukering) (member of the project group).

Press requests can be directed to martijn.gerritsen [at] ru.nl (Martijn Gerritsen), Radboud University or margie.alders [at] radboudumc.nl (Margie Alders), Radboudumc.