PHD students - EC
PHD students - EC

Former PhD candidates successful in making further career steps

The Department of Economics and Business Economics congratulates the following four PhD graduates who have found new jobs recently.

Sara Arts has a background in economics and social psychology. Her research focused on decision-making processes of individuals when they face different types of complex decisions. Sara Arts will start as a postdoctoral scholar at the Erasmus School for Health Policy and Management within the research group focusing on Health Systems and Insurance.

Rutger Schilpzand is specialised in long-run economic growth, growth resilience, inequality, and poverty. Rutger Schilpzand started in April 2024 as an Economist/Editor at ESB Economisch Statistische Berichten.

Markus Strucks was a PhD candidate in Experimental Finance. He focused on the dynamic patterns of risk and time preferences as well as individuals' tendency to make myopic financial decisions. Markus Strucks will start a new position as a postdoctoral scholar at the Montpellier Business School.

Galina van der Weert's areas of expertise are the governance of networks and interprofessional and interorganisational collaboration in the healthcare sector. Her PhD dissertation was about 'Imperfect Integration: Governing Collaboration Through Networks in Healthcare.' Galina van der Weert started at the end of 2023 as an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Organisation Sciences at the Vrije University of Amsterdam.

We wish all of them the best of luck and success!

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