Frank Mehring presents book at exhibition in New York City

On 1 July, the New-York Historical Society will open an exhibition on the work of German-American artist, designer and teacher Winold Reiss. The ground-breaking exhibition runs until 9 October and shows 150 works of art, many of which are on display for the first time. Professor of American Studies Frank Mehring (Radboud Institute for Culture & History, RICH) has been invited for the opening of the exhibition and will present his book on Reiss.

In the book The Multicultural Modernism of Winold Reiss (1886–1953), Professor of American Studies Frank Mehring presents essays by art historians and cultural scientists from both sides of the Atlantic to rediscover, analyse and contextualise the rich and largely unknown art of Winold Reiss, opening up a new, previously untapped archive of multicultural Modernism.

The book was published in early 2022 and has caught the attention of the New-York Historical Society Museum, where Winold Reiss’ work will be on display between 1 July and 9 October. Mehring has been invited to the opening of the exhibition and to present the book. Mehring: ‘The portraits, cityscapes, murals, decorative arts, and graphic designs on view in the current exhibition at the New-York Historical Society show how Winold Reiss—as a pioneer of transatlantic modernism—set an important course in the history of art and culture while setting his sights on a world where people can live in harmony with each other and the urban and natural landscapes surrounding them. Reiss was convinced his art could help that transformation—be it in museums, in magazines, in restaurants, in his studio, or in teaching. Thus, the transnational retrospective shows how art can contribute to initiating change in the democratic public sphere of the United States.’

Book cover Winold Reiss by Frank Mehring

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