Co-creatiemanager Ramon Moorlag geeft uitleg over project Generatieve AI aan docenten en medewerkers van Quadraam
Co-creatiemanager Ramon Moorlag geeft uitleg over project Generatieve AI aan docenten en medewerkers van Quadraam

Generative AI Project Launched with Quadraam

The end of January saw the launch of the co-creation project Generative AI in Education. In the project, NOLAI, together with Quadraam schools, is investigating how education can maintain control over learning and teaching when using generative AI. The aim is to develop a guide to thoughtfully utilise and embed AI within Quadraam.

The launch of the project took place at Quadraam, a comprehensive academy with 14 secondary schools. Co-Creation Manager Ramon Moorlag and Project Leader Joost Borsboom led the meeting, with teachers from various schools present, as well as IT managers, an ICT coordinator, a system administrator, ICT innovators and educational consultants. From NOLAI, researcher Hara Sparou, Co-Creation Director Kim Brandes and Yuri Tax from the ethics focus area were present. 

Co-creatieproject Generatieve AI en / in onderwijs van NOLAI en Quadraam

Collecting Practical Cases 

In the project's concept phase, the participating teachers and researchers will collect practical cases and examples of the use of generative AI in the classroom at Quadraam schools. By doing so, the researchers hope to gain insight into how students and teachers use generative AI within Quadraam. What insights and considerations do they use here? Are pedagogical and didactic principles used (consciously or unconsciously)?  

Opportunities and Risks  

The teachers present at the launch mentioned several practical examples from their own lessons. Some teachers had already experimented with ChatGPT by generating practice summaries, a group layout, or even lesson preparation. One teacher used DALL-E to draw electrical circuits and was quite satisfied with it. However, some of the teachers present had also experienced incidents where a portfolio and a written exam had been created using AI. The teachers' anecdotes clearly showed the opportunities and risks of using generative AI in education.   

Powerful Toolkit  

NOLAI researchers are analysing the practical examples collected, such as looking at which tasks are outsourced to generative AI and to what extent automation by AI occurs. The analysis and the resulting insights will be used to compile a toolkit for teachers and students, including examples with practical and meaningful suggestions to help empower teachers and students.  

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Stay Tuned 

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