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As a student at Radboud University or HAN you can now purchase an RSC Student annual membership for €157.50. With this subscription you can make unlimited use of the available sports and culture offer from 1 September 2023 to 31 August 2024.

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Are you a student at Radboud University or HAN? Subscribe for a Student annual subscription from the RSC before 1 September 2023 and you can win a free membership throughout your student career!

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Student memberships

Students can opt for an annual or monthly membership. Annual membership offers unlimited access to all available activities and facilities between 1 September and 31 August. If you opt for a monthly membership, you must remain a member for at least two consecutive months of that particular academic year. You will then have the option of cancelling your membership on any day of the month up to the last day of the current month. 


The following rates apply for the 2023-2024 academic year:

  • Student membership rates for Radboud University, HAN University of Applied Sciences or other universities with whom the RSC has agreements
    Annual cost: €157.50
    Monthly cost: €24.00
  • Student membership rates for other academic higher education institutions
    Annual cost: €240.00
    Monthly cost: €26.50

Taking out membership: Radboud/HAN students

Any Radboud University or HAN students who would like to apply for or renew their annual membership can do so via the RSC website. Annual membership can be taken out from mid-August to the end of January. If you wish to take out membership after February 1, we recommend the cheaper option of taking out monthly membership until the end of the academic year. This is why annual membership is no longer available after this date.

If you wish to apply for or cancel your monthly membership, you can do so at the Gymnasion counter. Don’t forget to bring your campus card/HAN Card with you. The monthly fee will be deducted at the end of the month. 

Students from other institutions

Students from other universities or universities of applied sciences can register at the Gymnasion counter. You will need to provide a valid copy of proof of registration when you register. 

If you would like to know whether you are eligible for student membership, please read the Terms and Conditions for Student Sports.

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