Getekende afbeelding van een geel poppetje omringd door wolven.
Getekende afbeelding van een geel poppetje omringd door wolven.

Guide on questionable publishing practices

A practical guide has been created to help scientists avoid lower- or even poor-quality publishers.

The services these publishers provide are of insufficient quality. In the bad cases, the peer review process is flawed, or even missing altogether. A wrong choice may be a result of unconscious action, an ambition to publish a lot quickly, or a deliberate attempt by rogue publishers to take money from researchers. 

This guide, created by open access specialists from Dutch universities, gives researchers tools and indicators that can help identify questionable practices so that they can make a more conscious choice about quality. The guide can be downloaded for free here.

Should you need more information? The Library of Science is hosting a coffee lecture on this topic on Tuesday 23 April, from 1 pm to 1:15 p.m. You can register here.

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For all questions about open access publishing, please contact the open access team: openaccess [at] (openaccess[at]ubn[dot]ru[dot]nl) We are happy to help!

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