Werkcollege aan de Radboud Universiteit
Werkcollege aan de Radboud Universiteit

Have your say on Radboud University's educational vision

Radboud University strives to provide education of the highest possible quality. But what does that mean? How should education take shape now and in the future? That is what we want to discuss in the coming months in a series of dialogue sessions that will form the basis for a renewed educational vision. We cordially invite both students and staff to participate in one of the sessions.

How do you ensure that both students and teachers continue to develop throughout their lives? In what way can you best use new technologies in education? What is a way of testing that suits our education?

Setting up education comes with all kinds of dilemmas, and therefore it is important to have a vision for education that helps the university organize education and invites dialogue.

Such a vision can only be established with input from the people involved in education. During dialogue sessions, participants are presented with a number of dilemmas to discuss together. The results from these sessions are then used to shape the educational vision.

Building blocks

To give further direction to the educational vision, the project group for the educational vision has constructed a document with building blocks. These include three central pillars that stem from the university's core values:

  1. Curious and reflective
  2. Personal and connected
  3. Quality

The input from the dialogue sessions and the document with building blocks together form the basis for the educational vision to be submitted to the Executive Board for approval.

Dialogue sessions

The dialogue sessions will take place on the following data:

February 27: Meaningful education
February 28: Lifelong learning
March 2: Self-direction/flexibilization of education
March 7: Interconnectedness education-research
March 8: ICT in education
March 9: Assessment
March 9: Inter/multi disciplinary education