Health Food Wall in de Universiteitsbibliotheek
Health Food Wall in de Universiteitsbibliotheek

Health Food Wall: 24/7 healthy to go

Always a quick lunch or snack around the corner: not only tasty and healthy, but easy to take away as well! The Health Food Walls make this a 24/7 possibility, on 8 locations all over the campus. Maybe you have already seen one, filled with nutritious vegan meals and fresh juices. From walnut banana bread to a well-filled wrap. What food are you in the mood for?

Non-stop open and easy to take away

Working out early in the morning, but ran out of breakfast? Or do you find the campus catering facilities closed after working late? The Health Food Walls are open 24/7 for your (peckish) appetite. That means never missing out on much-needed protein (or sweets). Quick, easy and healthy: handy for when you are on your way to college with a rumbling stomach.

The wall's clever technology makes it not only yummy to choose healthy, but also easy: you open the door with your debit card, grab whatever food you fancy and automatically pay the right amount (an amount of €20.00 is reserved on your debit card – and directly returned when you close the door, minus the cost of your purchase). This makes it possible to pick something, change your mind and put it back again: the machine scans which products are gone when the door closes.

Always nearby

The vending machines contain something for everyone. How about, for example, a rustic Korean BBQ sandwich, a Spicy Sandwich or a Flatbread Curry Seitan? And all plan(e)t based! Getting curious? Then stop by one of the Health Food Walls today and swap your peanut butter sandwich for a Teryaki Noodle Bowl. You can find the fridges here:

  • Maria Montessori building (on the first floor at grand café De Iris, near the coffee machine);
  • Berchmanianum (in the work café);
  • The Yard (against the wall on the right side of the bar);
  • Grotius Building (just behind the Coffee corner in the hall);
  • Erasmus building (on the 1st floor in the hall near the computer rooms);
  • University Library (next to the Coffee corner);
  • Huygens building (in the central hall near Giga-Bite) – recently one extra!

Smart against waste

The Health Food Wall vending machines are regularly checked, cleaned and refilled with a fresh supply of healthy food. We keep waste to a minimum, making sure that as few meals and snacks as possible are left over and go to waste. As a result, you may find a somewhat empty wall at times – but less choice in taste (bad luck!) means less food gone to waste!

Do you have questions? Or do you want to know more about the Health Food Wall? Take a look at the website.