Healthy Student Life

In May, all RU students will receive an invitation for the annual Healthy Student Life survey that focuses on student well-being. Because we strongly believe in the relationship between sport, exercise and well-being, we are raffling 10 RSC monthly subscriptions among all students who participate!

Are you a student at Radboud University? Then in May, you will receive an invitation to the annual Healthy Student Life survey in your RU mailbox. This Radboud University survey focuses on the wellbeing of all its students. The online questionnaire covers topics such as stress, (performance) pressure, happiness, resilience, exercise/sport and your future. Have you participated before? Or are you now participating for the first time? Your unique contribution will give Radboud University a complete picture of the state of student wellbeing and related factors. Based on this knowledge, Radboud University can improve its policies and develop tools that can positively influence the well-being of you and your fellow students!

Participate and win

Because we at Radboud Sport & Culture strongly believe in the relationship between sport, exercise and wellbeing, we are happy to contribute to the above-mentioned research. Among all students who participate in the Healthy Student Life study, we will raffle off ten RSC student month subscriptions. With this subscription, you can join us for a month of unlimited activity. Are you the winner and did you already pay your RSC annual subscription for this year? Then you will receive a refund for one month. In addition, the research team will offer all participants a free cup of coffee (or tea/hot chocolate milk) from the SPAR University RU and, in addition to the month subscriptions of the RSC, several gift vouchers worth €10 and €100 will be raffled off. So keep an eye on your RU mailbox and please fill in the Healthy Student Life questionnaire!


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