Uitreiking eredoctoraat Mary Beckman
Uitreiking eredoctoraat Mary Beckman

Honorary doctorate Mary Beckman

During the Dies Natalis, the celebration of Radboud University's centenary on 17 October, Mary Beckman, emeritus professor of linguistics at Ohio State University, received an honorary doctorate. This was awarded by honorary supervisor Mirjam Ernestus and the just-installed rector magnificus José Sanders. In her speech, Mary Beckman elaborated on her renowned research, of which the coupling of phonology and phonetics was a particularly important part.

In the days following the awarding of her honorary doctorate, Mary Beckman engaged in several discussions on campus with researchers, PhD students and students of the Faculty of Arts. She also gave a talk in the CLS Talks series this week. In a well-filled room, she took the audience through her research on 'Phonetic transparency and structural ambiguity at the base of the prosodic hierarchy'.

After a festive, interesting and, moreover, enjoyable week, our honorary Doctor Mary Beckman went back to the United States. We thank her for her visit.

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