Portret van docent Rhanna Haverkort
Portret van docent Rhanna Haverkort

How Rhanna Haverkort got into teaching

It was actually by chance that brand-new teacher Rhanna Haverkort discovered her passion for education. For just over a year, she has been associated with the educational institute for Communication Science, where she teaches courses in the bachelor's and pre-master's programs. Rhanna says: "After graduating and working as a student assistant, I stuck around. When I was a student, I didn't envision myself teaching now."

Although she had to get used to being in front of the class, Rhanna quickly got the hang of it. "It was very surprising to me that I enjoyed teaching so much. The interaction with the students is incredibly fun." She believes it's important that there's an informal atmosphere in her classes. "It's nice to build a good relationship with your students and for them to come to you when there's something going on. A lot happens in half a year, and I like having a guiding role in that."

Rhanna teaches several courses, including to first-year students and pre-masters. "I enjoy guiding their first introduction to science. You get to experience the whole process from the beginning again, including the first stumbling blocks. Then you see that some aspects are not as obvious as you might think." She also leads a learning project where students conduct quantitative research on the meaning of films. "For example, some students are researchinge music in horror films. They look at the effect of tempo, beat, and pitch. That sometimes leads to surprising results, for example that a slower tempo is actually found more suspenseful."

Whether her own future also lies in science, Rhanna is not yet sure. "I am not currently following a PhD track. I am still figuring out where I want to go." However, she does want to keep challenging herself. "I loved studying, so it's important to me to keep learning and developing. The idea of a job where I stay still, that gives me the creeps."

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