Persoon die met mobiel foto maakt van bergen
Persoon die met mobiel foto maakt van bergen

I'm going on vacation taking with me ... sunscreen and VPN

I am going on vacation and taking with me ... hiking boots, my favorite book, my phone and tablet. Enjoy a worry-free trip and be aware of the safety of your devices and data in addition to buying sunscreen.

Clean up your phone, laptop or tablet

Throw away unnecessary files and leave as little sensitive data on your devices as possible. Don't forget to check your downloads folder. If necessary, back up important photos/files and delete them from the device you take with you. Additional benefit: After cleaning, your battery lasts longer and the device is often more responsive.

Make sure you have a secure password and multi-factor authentication

Use a different strong password for each device and application. To remember all those different passwords, you can use a password manager. When possible, combine your password with multi-factor authentication (e.g. a numeric code combined with a fingerprint). 

Turn on VPN when using public wifi

Using VPN is a safe way to use public wifi. This prevents others from stealing data or installing something on your device. Also check your phone charges abroad. Tip: On private devices, you can also use eduVPN. Set up eduVPN on your phone or laptop before you leave.

Transport and storage

  • Carry your equipment in your hand luggage. Leave unnecessary devices at home and store them properly.
  • If possible, put your devices in a safe and do not forget to switch them off.
  • Take a look at the website of the central government and the AIVD to see if you need to take extra measures for your travel destination.
  • Protect devices from the sun or extreme heat. A phone, laptop or tablet overheats quickly. Your battery wears out from the heat and slows down. A device itself can break down completely.

Are you taking Radboud equipment with you? 

Make sure you have the number of the ICT Helpdesk at hand (024-36 22222 / icthelpdesk [at] Contact them in case of damage or loss. Our experts will determine whether there has been a data breach and if additional measures are needed.

Contact information

Questions about Privacy & Information Security? Mail: IB-Awareness [at] (IB-Awareness[at]ru[dot]nl)

Questions about knowledge securtiy : kennisveiligheid [at] (kennisveiligheid[at]ru[dot]nl)

Report data breach or security incident icthelpdesk [at] (icthelpdesk[at]ru[dot]nl) 

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