Logo InScience 2023: Experiments op wetenschappelijk filmfestival
Logo InScience 2023: Experiments op wetenschappelijk filmfestival

InScience 2023: Film Festival and the Experiment

The eighth edition of InScience will be held from 16 to 19 March in Nijmegen. This international science film festival will showcase documentaries, short films and other science films, with themes such as the climate crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic and neurotechnology. As with previous editions, various researchers from Radboud University and Radboud university medical center will be in attendance this year.

The theme of this year’s festival is ‘Experiment’. This theme is not only reflected in the selection of films, but also in the rest of the programme: throughout Nijmegen, researchers will conduct experiments, collect data and share their knowledge with the public. Some of the 55 films in the programme will be screened at special locations. Many of the films will be concluded with a lecture or a discussion, during which the researchers will talk about the material covered in the film. As a partner of the science film festival, Radboud University will be represented in and around the city by several affiliated researchers. A selection:


InScience x Student Wellbeing: Sleepless in New York

Film + talk / FR 17 MAR / 15:30 

Why do we feel so strongly about a lost love? Anthropologist Helen Fisher tries to find out in the documentary 'Sleepless in New York', where three New Yorkers deal with their break-up. In this interactive programme, we will take a closer look at what happens in the brain when your heart is broken and help you deal with your lost loves in a creative way.

This programme is free and exclusive to Radboud students.

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My Garden of a Thousand Bees

Film + workshop / FR 17 MAR / 20:45 / 100 MIN / LUX 2

How do you turn your garden into a sanctuary for wild bees? Biologist Constant Swinkels researched biodiversity and bees in Nijmegen. During the workshop, he will explain how to make beels feel at home in your garden, after which you will design your very own bee-friendly paradise.

Pleistocene Park

Film + talk / SAT 18 MAR / 15:15 / 135 MIN / De Bastei

Come to natural history museum De Bastei for a friendly conversation surrounded by mounted animals from the prehistoric era. After years of absence, the wolf is officially back in the Netherlands! For some a cause for celebration, for others a cause for dread and for others still the return of the wolf triggers solastalgia, or nostalgia for a lost world. Literary organisation Wintertuin is lending one of its speakers to put this feeling of nostalgia into words. After the screening, environmental philosopher Martin Drenthen will lead a discussion on whether people and wolves can still coexist. And if so, how?


Film + talk / SAT 18 MAR / 19:00 / 125 MIN / LUX 1

Failure is inevitable in science. In fact, mistakes can teach us a lot. Yet researchers and students often feel pressured to strive for perfection. Three courageous scholars break the taboo and make a case for failure: Rector Magnificus Han van Krieken, International Relations PhD candidate Lema Salah and entrepreneur and lecturer of Healthcare Technology Clark Nowack (HAN University of Applied Science).

Into the Ice

Film + talk / SAT 19 MAR / 19:00 / 105 MIN / Triavium Schaatsbaan

This special screening at Triavium skating rink will leave you shivering like the polar explorers in the film. Annelies Veraart explains what it's like to conduct research in Svalbard, where you always have to be on the lookout for polar bears whose habitats are shrinking as fast as the melting sea ice. InScience will take care of the hot chocolate!

 For more information and the full programme, visit the InScience Film Festival website.