Interesting podcast episodes – Nora Stel, Sanne Weber, Victor Bouemar Dinocheau and Joep van Lit

  • ‘Opvang in de regio: geen oplossing voor de vluchtelingencrisis’ (in Dutch)

What is the state of reception in the Middle East? And is it really the solution to the refugee crisis?

Listen to this podcast episode from Radboud Reflects with assistant professor Nora Stel

  • Good women and evil men? (in English)

Males commit more mass atrocities than females. Why? Is this mostly down to biological factors or do social influences play a bigger role? And is the binary of good women and evil men justified?

Listen to this podcast episode of ‘Terribly and Terrifyingly Normal?’, where these questions are discussed with assistant professor Sanne Weber

  • Rockets over the Red Sea (in English)

Yemen, Houthis, attacks at the Red Sea, counter attacks by the US and its allies. What is exactly going on in this destabilized region? And what are the consequences? Are the Dutch dragged into a war? 

Listen to this podcast lecture by PhD candidate and conflict studies scholar Victor Bouemar Dinocheau about the escalating tensions in the Red Sea:

  • Anti-democratic Politics in Europe (in English)

Governments in Poland, Hungary and Romania limit civic liberties. And the electoral successes of anti-democratic parties in other European countries, including The Netherlands, are raising alarms with legal scholars and politicians. Is this the beginning of the end of the rule of law in Europe? Will more countries follow?

Listen or watch the lecture and discussion with political scientist Joep van Lit:

Joep van Lit at Anti-democratic Politics in Europe | Lecture and conversation
Joep van Lit at Anti-democratic Politics in Europe | Lecture and conversation - photo Ramon Tjan
Victor Bouemar Dinocheau at  Rockets over the Red Sea: Intervention in Yemen | Current Affairs Lecture with conflict studies scholar and former naval officer Victor Bouemar Dinocheau
Victor Bouemar Dinocheau - Photo Ramon Tjan
Opvang in de regio: Geen oplossing voor de vluchtelingencrisis | Radboud Reflects Podcast met conflictonderzoeker Nora Stel, hoogleraar migratierecht Tineke Strik en Midden-Oostenexpert Willem Staes
Tineke Strik, Willem Staes, Nora Stel - Foto Joost Jacobs