Biodiversiteit op de campus
Biodiversiteit op de campus

International Day for Biological Diversity: programme

May 22 is ‘International Day for Biological Diversity’: a United Nations initiative to celebrate and reflect on life on earth in all its richness – and fragility. During the week of 22 May, you can join various activities on and around Radboud University's campus. Everyone is welcome: staff, students and anyone else interested. Come count butterflies, take a break in the picking garden or discover more about bio-diverse dykes!

Counting butterflies | Monday 22 May 12.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.

Are butterflies doing well on Radboud University's grounds? And what can we do to become more butterfly-friendly? We think it is important to monitor these things properly. Therefore we will join forces on May 22nd, and count the different species of butterflies. We will start with half an hour introduction from butterfly expert Dirk Maes, professor at Radboud University. He will help us to recognize different butterfly species.

Thanks to the dikes | Tuesday 23 May 12.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.

Did you know that at Radboud University, we do scientific research on dykes? The Dutch dykes protect against water. At the same time, they form kilometres of green ribbons through our country. Here in Nijmegen, we study whether and how the dikes can become more biodiverse. Is it possible to grow different kinds of grasses and herbs, instead of just one? And will the dykes then still be safe? Tip of the hat: the secret is in the roots of the plants. Come and see the test set-up at the back of the greenhouses, where plant ecologist Dr. Eric Visser talks about this research project. We will gather at the entrance to the greenhouse complex.

Nature walk with IVN | Monday 22 May 1.30 - 3.00 p.m.

Want to go out for a through the greenery? Professional nature guides from the Instituut voor Natuureducatie en Duurzaamheid (IVN) will take you around the campus and show you the extraordinary diversity of plants and animals we have on the university grounds. Because often, you only see it when you know. Let yourself be surprised!

“The story behind Community Garden” | Wednesday 24 May 12.30 a.m. - 1.15 p.m.

This spring, a group of enthusiastic students and staff members from Radboud University realised a communal vegetable garden for the entire Radboud community. It started with a bare plot of land, and a big dream. Are you curious to see what it looks like? And do you want to hear the story behind it? Then come by during the lunch break on Wednesday 24 May, to hear the story of the Community Garden – and of course admire the garden itself.

Pop-up forest | 8 May - 2 June

It seems hard to imagine: Linnaeusplein as a green oasis, where the leaves rustle in the wind and the birds sing their beautiful tunes... Yet this is what you can experience in our Pop-up forest between 8 May and 2 June. Among the native trees and shrubs, you will meet students, artists and academics to talk, listen, experience and imagine together. And of course, you can also just come by to chill and have a picnic! The Pop-up forest stimulates your imagination and makes you look differently at the paved environment. Together, we will explore a new era: the Symbiocene. In which humans, technology and nature are in balance and live in symbiosis with each other.

Want to know more about International Day for Biological Diversity? Have a look at the United Nations website.

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