Interpretation of partnerships is an aspect of academic freedom

Radboud University has several exchange agreements with universities inside and outside the EU. On the basis of these agreements students from Radboud University and partner universities can spend time studying at one or the other university during an exchange period without having to pay additional tuition fees.

Establishing and maintaining or not maintaining partnerships at institutional level is a decision to be made by the Executive Board. The choice as to how collaboration with academic partners is given form within these partnerships, as well as the content of the academic education provided, fall under the academic freedom of the staff of academic institutions, as defined by the KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences).

As previously mentioned in Update 3, the Executive Board is working with the deans and in consultation with the participational bodies on developing a policy line to assess partnerships with knowledge institutions. A Partnerships Advisory Committee in the process of being established will provide advice in this regard. A group of quartermasters is currently working on elaborating the assessment framework, scope, and modus operandi of this advisory committee. The aim is to establish this committee before the start of the next academic year.