Israel and the Palestinian Territories

Radboud University is very concerned about the armed conflict in Israel and the Palestinian territories. Our thoughts are with the victims of violence. We feel connected to all students and employees directly or indirectly affected by the current situation. We speak out against any violation of human rights.

Scientists play a role in defining the context of the ongoing conflict. A working environment in which there is respect for each other and in which there is room for emotion is a prerequisite here. As a university, we want to facilitate a dialogue by providing a safe space for everyone. Freedom of expression is a great asset, but there are also limits. Discrimination, racism or inciting hatred and violence are unacceptable on our campus.

We consider it important to be there for each other as an academic community. The university provides support in several ways. Students in need of support can contact their programme's study advisor. Employees can contact their supervisor. The  University Chaplaincy has also opened its doors. 

Contact information

If you have a general question, we are also there for you at communicatie [at]