Twee vrolijke leden van het NSSR bestuur
Twee vrolijke leden van het NSSR bestuur

Janneke & Maaike: Get moving!

Sufficient exercise and relaxation are important for both your physical health and your mental well-being. In addition, more and more scientific research shows that exercise has a positive influence on study and work success and the prevention of absenteeism due to illness. People who are active, feel and perform better.

Janneke & Maaike

Janneke and Maaike are students, have a membership at Radboud Sport & Culture and are also board members of the Nijmegen Student Sports Council (NSSR). This council stimulates student sports in Nijmegen and supports the various student sports associations. In this edition of 'Get moving!' Janneke and Maaike tell you all about the fun of student sports. 

“The fun of student sports lies in much more than just the sports themselves. It is also in the friendships it brings.”


Janneke: 'The nice thing about student sports is that in addition to studying, you can relax and think about something else. Exercise is a great way to clear your head and take care of your body at the same time.’ ‘Yes, and not only that,’ Maaike adds, ‘The fun of student sports lies in much more than just the sports themselves. It is also in the friendships it brings. Student sports clubs have a very good balance between exertion and relaxation. In addition to the training and competitions, many other activities are planned, such as workshops and drinks. The social aspect of student sports makes it even more fun!'


Nijmegen currently has 37 student sports associations. ‘Something for everyone!’ says Janneke. ‘By joining a club for a sport you like, you automatically get to know many people with whom you have at least one thing in common: your enthusiasm for the sport.’ ‘That immediately creates a bond,’ Maaike confirms. 'And it's also nice that you get to know all kinds of students from other studies, faculties or educational institutions. It's not about studying for a while, but just enjoying sports together or having a party. The association activities also make the mutual bond much stronger, you maintain good friendships.'

Blowing of steam

‘For me, sports are an ideal way to blow of steam,’ says Maaike. 'I find it relaxing and fun, it gives me energy and I also feel that exercise keeps me physically and mentally healthy. I am currently a member of NSSV FEL (the survival run association), of NSPV Lasya (the pole dancing association) and of the hockey association in my hometown where I have always played. I also regularly follow RSC ticket hours where I especially like everything with dance.’ Janneke has also been with NSPV Lasya for four years. 'I am an instructor and was on the board last year. So I spend a lot of time at this association, but I also regularly follow another RSC activity, such as the recent Modern dance advanced course. In addition, I also play the violin with the Nijmegen student orchestra CMC. We are talking about sports now, but cultural activities are just as much fun! In these you can also use your energy and creativity and meet people with whom you have something in common. There are 19 student cultural associations in Nijmegen that are just as fun as the student sports associations.'


The NSSR (Nijmegen Student Sports Council) stimulates student sports in Nijmegen and supports the student sports associations. They do this by collaborating with Radboud University, HAN, Radboud Sport & Culture and the 37 student sports associations. In addition, the NSSR also organizes fun (sports) events for students, such as the Sports Gala and Sports Night.

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