Person holding a Radboud gebaren poster
Person holding a Radboud gebaren poster

Join in with a Radboud Gesture

Radboud University's 100th anniversary celebrations in May are just around the corner. A great programme is ready to make it a festive week. Among other things, from 8 to 14 May, the city of Nijmegen and its inhabitants will be warmed up with 100 Radboud Gestures: 100 selfless actions devised and carried out by our students and staff. There are still a few gestures that enthusiastic participants can use. Would you like to do something good for a fellow Nijmegen citizen during this week? Then sign up for one of the gestures below.

What does everyday happiness mean to you? Small outings with residents - Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences organises various activities with Driestroom's clients: cooking, music and dance evenings, creative activities, making murals and beauty moments. Will you join us?

When: various activities from 8 to 12 May. 
Where: Various day centres, living and working places of Driestroom - a care organisation in the Arnhem-Nijmegen region.
To sign up or for more information, send an email to: nienke.peters-scheffer [at] (nienke[dot]peters-scheffer[at]ru[dot]nl) 

A job for someone else during the 100 Radboud Gestures - Stichting Present Nijmegen

Would you like to help people facing poverty, poor health or social isolation? Stichting Present Nijmegen has several jobs that can take place during the week of 8 May, such as fixing up a garden, painting or laying laminate. You can help by spending part of the day working with a group of three to five people. You can put together your own group, but you can also sign up just yourself. You will then be matched by Present with other volunteers, who can do the job together with you. 

When: in the week of 8 to 14 May
Where: various locations in Nijmegen 
You can register via the form on the website:

Clean-up action Waal beaches - Nijmegen School of Management 

On warm spring days, the Waal beaches are a great place to be. The traces of these pleasant days are often still clearly visible; cans, glass, barbecue stuff and empty cigarette packets are scattered over the beaches. Will you help clean up this hotspot of Nijmegen? 

Where: Waal beaches
When: 9 May from 13:30 - 15:00
To sign up or for more information, send an email to: malou.remmerde [at] (malou[dot]remmerde[at]ru[dot]nl) 

Expand your horizons: take a walk with De Horizon! - Nijmegen School of Management

Staff and students will take a walk with elderly people from ZZG Care Group, De Horizon residential location in Dukenburg. They could really use a friendly face! You, as a walking buddy, will be paired with a resident of the Horizon. During this walk, you can have a nice chat and enjoy the surroundings. Would you trade your walk in the botanical gardens for a day for a walk with someone in need? 

Where: ZZG Zorggroep De Horizon in Dukenburg
When: 9 May, 10:30 am
You can register at: 

Mini libraries in the Kanaalzone - Studio Kanaalzone

As a gesture to the city, Studio Kanaalzone will make a number of mini-libraries and fill them with books. These will be placed in the front gardens of Kanaalzone residents, where they will be accessible to anyone looking for reading material. On Tuesday 9 May, the mini-libraries will be painted by their new owners. Would you like to have a cheerful mini library in your front garden in the Kanaalzone? Find more information at:

When: 9 May, 09:00-17:00