Portret van dr. Katrine Smiet
Portret van dr. Katrine Smiet

Katrine Smiet appointed as PPS coordinator

Starting in January 2024, dr. Katrine Smiet will be the new coordinator of the Philosophy, Politics & Society Bachelor. She takes over this role from dr. Arjen Kleinherenbrink. The faculty board thanks dr. Arjen Kleinherenbrink for his role in making the PPS programme into the success that it is today.


“I am already quite familiar with the PPS BA program and it’s students as a teacher in one of the 2nd year modules. Of course it’s hard to characterize the ‘typical’ PPS student, but what stands out for me is the combination of philosophical curiosity with a high level of social and political engagement. PPS challenges teachers and students to engage philosophically with the pressing issues of our time: from the climate crisis, to racism and the legacies of colonialism, to the future of democracy. For me, philosophical thinking is crucial both to analyze and better understand the world we live in today, and to be able to imagine and work towards a different world. 

I am excited to take on this new role as coordinator and to work together with many fantastic colleagues and students. My door is always open for a chat, preferably over coffee.”

Dr. Katrine Smiet is assistant professor in the department of Metaphysics and Philosophical Anthropology, as well as being affiliated to Radboud Gender & Diversity Studies. Katrine can often be found at the faculty coffee corner or at her office (E14.20), but you can also reach her through email: katrine.smiet [at] ru.nl (katrine[dot]smiet[at]ru[dot]nl).


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