Lifeport Welcome Center ontvangt eerste kennismigranten
Lifeport Welcome Center ontvangt eerste kennismigranten

Lifeport Welcome Center opens its doors to international high-skilled migrants at Radboud campus

From January 2023, high-skilled workers and their family members, scientific researchers, students, start-ups and foreign investors can arrange everything for their stay in Nijmegen at one counter: the Lifeport Welcome Center. The first official visitors were welcomed with flowers by employees of the municipality of Nijmegen, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) and the Radboud University.

These newcomers can now quickly arrange their registration formalities in the Personal Records Database (BRP) and collect their residence document at the Lifeport Welcome Center. They also receive information about living, working, learning and doing business in the region. In this way, the knowledge workers - and family members - are offered a warm welcome and the region becomes more attractive for them to settle, which has a positive effect on the regional economy. The Lifeport Welcome Center is located at the Huize Heyendael location on the Radboud campus in Nijmegen.


During a two-year pilot, the Lifeport Welcome Center, the municipality of Nijmegen and the IND will link their services in such a way that customers can go through all the formal steps in one day and at one location. Wijnand Hemelaar, director of Lifeport Welcome Center: “The Lifeport Welcome Center has now become one central point where international high-skilled workers, students and their family members can go for both government services by the municipality and IND and other services such as a welcome program and family support program and all kinds of social activities”.

Fast and smooth

Maria Amjed from Pakistan is a high-skilled worker and on Thursday morning she was the very first visitor who came to Lifeport Welcome Center for both the BRP registration and the collection of the residence document. As a PhD candidate she will conduct research at Radboud University: “Everything here went smooth, it was a fast and smooth process. In my experience it takes a lot longer in other countries. This has been a very pleasant experience, everyone here has been very friendly.”

IND services in Nijmegen

From January on the IND employees will also be present in Nijmegen. Rhodia Maas, Director-General of IND:  “As IND, we are pleased to contribute to this Nijmegen initiative. We want to professionalize our services by working together with municipalities and this is a good example of that. It is nice for applicants that they can go close to home to collect residence documents and biometrics.¨

In addition to international knowledge workers, their families and students, other people from abroad who want to live and work in this region can also contact this IND service point.

Powerful international region

With this service, the Lifeport Welcome Center contributes to the development of a powerful international knowledge region. John Brom, city council member for economics of Nijmegen: “It's great how we managed this together with the help of the Radboud University, IND, the province of Gelderland, the HAN, and The Economic Board. The shortage on the regional labor market is also being addressed by attracting and retaining international high-skilled workers”.

Contact the Lifeport Welcome Center

Lifeport Welcome Center is an initiative of The Economic Board and the province of Gelderland based on the regional desire to attract and retain more international talent for the region. Jan van Dellen, director of The Economic Board: “The Lifeport Welcome Center also wants to support SME employers to attract international talent. The welcome center provides a warm welcome to both expats and their families in our region.”

International knowledge workers and their employers and international students can find more information or contact the Lifeport Welcome Center via the website: