Dies Natalis 2022-2023
Dies Natalis 2022-2023

Looking back on the 2022 Dies Natalis

The 99th Dies Natalis was held in Radboud University’s Auditorium on Thursday 20 October from 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm. The programme focused on the theme of ‘opportunities’.

During the Dies Natalis celebration, speeches were given and various distinctions awarded, including an Honorary Doctorate for Katalin Karikó. The musical accompaniment was provided by pop duo Clean Pete.

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Presentation of the Honorary Doctorate

The Honorary Doctorate was presented by Floris Rutjes to Katalin Karikó, Senior Vice President of BioNTech SE, Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Szeged and Adjunct Professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Karalin Karikó’s (BioNTech) research forms the basis for the current mRNA vaccines against COVID-19. For her contribution to a healthy world, she was awarded a Radboud University Honorary Doctorate.  

News article Radboud honorary doctorate for Katalin Karikó

Speech by Floris Rutjes

Honorary Doctor speech by Katalin Karikó

Speech by the Rector Magnificus

Han van Krieken's Dies Natalis speech focused on the theme of ‘opportunities’.

Toespraak Han van Krieken - Dies Natalis 2022-2023

Presentation of the Radboud University Medal

The Radboud University Medal, made of bronze, is awarded annually to staff members who have made a special contribution to Radboud University. This year, University Medals were presented to René Hagels, Head of Educational & Study Facilities, and Mirjam Ernestus, Professor of Psycholinguistics.

News article Radboud University Medal for Mirjam Ernestus and René Hagels

Universiteitspenning Rene Hagels - Dies Natalis 2022-2023

Presentation of the Radboud Student Award

The Student Award is issued annually to students who have made a special contribution to the academic community. This year, the Student Award was presented to Maarten Manten of the Faculty of Medical Sciences.

News article Radboud Student Award for Maarten Manten 

Diesrede Thomas Quartier

Dies Lecture by the Theologian Laureate

Professor of Liturgical and Ritual Studies Thomas Quartier gave this year's Dies Lecture, entitled ‘Calling: Opportunity and Choice for the University.’

Dies Natalis 2022 - Souha Kanj en Han Krieken

Honorary doctor Souha Kanj in conversation with Han van Krieken

Souha Kanj received an honorary doctorate in 2020 for her research in the field of antibiotic resistance and infectious diseases. At the time, she had to give her speech digitally, but this year she was physically present and talked to Han van Krieken.

Eucharistieviering Dies Natalis 2022-2023


Prior to the academic ceremony, the Eucharist, which focused on the same theme of opportunities, was held in the University Chaplaincy from 10.30 am to 11.30 am.

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