Portrait Marije Klomp
Portrait Marije Klomp

Marije Klomp named CSR Manager of the Year 2022

Marije Klomp, programme director for sustainability at Radboud University, has been awarded CSR Manager of the Year 2022. After a pitch on stage at the Stichting Nederland CO2 Neutraal event on 8 December, both 900 sustainability managers and the public chose Klomp as the winner of the title.

For a few years now, Marije Klomp has played an important role in weaving the theme of sustainability into the study programme and business operations. According to the expert jury, Klomp has an interesting role, different from many others. She has taken very rapid steps in her four years in this position to increase the impact of research, curriculum and operations.

From the 2021-2022 academic year, sustainability will be a standard part of the programme for every student at Radboud University. The university's national 'You have a part to play' campaign won an award from the Stichting Adverteerdersjury Nederland. This campaign aimed to encourage young people to think about their consumption behaviour and how they can influence the future through education and research. Klomp is not only involved in sustainability work in practice, but also has a PhD in research on the role of CSR managers.

You have a part to play

Klomp considers the win a great honour, but also points to the role of colleagues: 'Working on sustainability is something I obviously don't do alone, but with the whole of Radboud University. The university really needs guts for that.' Yet she hopes that in time her role will no longer be necessary: ‘By then everyone will be working on sustainability and not just us.'

The programme director is proud of her title. 'We are integrating sustainability into all study programmes. In addition, the university and Radboudumc have set up a sustainability programme together. And of course we carry the importance of sustainability clearly from our campaigns. We do that together.' Klomp's message is loud and clear: everyone contributes to sustainable development and has their own responsibility in it: you have a part to play.

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