Martial arts and defense sports

Martial arts are a set of fighting techniques and traditions that are always based on the same principle: defeating an opponent using physical force or materials while defending yourself against a physical attack.

The term martial arts mainly evokes associations with Eastern sports such as judo, karate and Jiujitsu, but Western sports such as boxing and grappling are also martial arts. What all these sports have in common is that they are intended for activity or self-defense purposes and not for fighting on the street. Outside the mat or the ring, you only use martial arts techniques to defend yourself or others.

Martial arts and defense sports

Radboud Sport & Culture currently offers the following martial arts and defense sports:

Martial arts indication

How do the different martial arts differ from each other? Which one involves kicking, throwing or submitting and which form is the most defensive? To determine which martial art suits you best, you can look at this indication poster

Course, ticket hour, student sports club

At Radboud Sport & Culture, most martial arts are offered as courses at different levels. Some are supplemented with a ticket hour and for many martial arts it is also possible to join a student sports club. You can see what the art of your choice is like by clicking on the name of the martial art in the list above.

The profits of martial arts

  • You become more confident: while practicing martial arts you learn to defend yourself, which can give you extra self-confidence in everyday life.
  • A physically stronger and toned body: many martial arts emphasize powerful movements and thanks to the combinations of punches and kicks, your body becomes stronger and toned.
  • Better endurance: performing martial arts can be quite demanding, which will improve your endurance in the long term.
  • More flexibility in your body: Martial arts make you more agile, which can help you avoid injuries.
  • Better coordination and balance: through the many different (evasive) movements you make, you improve your body balance.
  • You improve your focus and awareness: thanks to martial arts you learn to become aware of your own actions and those of the people around you.
  • It reduces stress: during a training or competition you can use all your energy and you don't have to think about anything else.
  • Your character can improve: martial arts training teaches you respect, discipline, cooperation and humility.


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