Mayor designates spot for demonstrations on Radboud University campus

Gaza/Pro-Palestine demonstrations on the Radboud University campus may henceforth only take place at a site designated by the Mayor, next to the Elinor Ostrom building, at location P7a. The Mayor of Nijmegen has taken this decision under the Public Manifestations Act.

Earlier on, Situating Palestine announced that Mohammed Khatib would speak at the protesters' tent camp on Monday 10 June. Because of the link with this former tent camp, this meeting will therefore now also take place at the designated location (P7a).

Radboud University expects all visitors to the campus to act in a respectful way. Expressions of sexism, racism, discrimination or physical or verbal threats will not be tolerated at Radboud University.

For rallies and demonstrations, the following rules also apply to ensure a safe and peaceful situation for everyone:

  • Meeting organisers are responsible for orderly conduct in accordance with rules and principles, and for making sure that participants adhere to these.
  • Face coverings are not allowed in the buildings or on the grounds of Radboud University.
  • Anyone present on campus may be asked, by those authorised to do so, to provide proof of identification, meaning either the Radboud University campus card or a legally recognised proof of identity.
  • Persons or groups who do not comply with the instructions issued by the Executive Board concerning proper conduct in the buildings or on the grounds may be denied access to those buildings or grounds in whole or in part.
  • In cases of vandalism and damage, Radboud University will automatically file a report.