Erasmusgebouw lente
Erasmusgebouw lente

Mayor lifts restrictions on pro-Palestine demonstrations

The restrictive measures regarding Gaza/pro-Palestine demonstrations on the Radboud University campus have been withdrawn by the Mayor of Nijmegen.

The Mayor noted that no disorderly conduct or criminal offences had occurred since the restrictions were introduced on 9 June, on the basis of the Dutch Public Assemblies Act (Wom). The Executive Board supports the normalisation of rules for demonstrations on university premises. The special restrictions and regulations regarding Gaza/pro-Palestine demonstrations will lapse as of today. Location P7a will therefore once again be available as a regular car park starting from Tuesday 2 July.

In a letter, the Mayor did make a special appeal to protesters to report any new demonstrations to the Municipality in good time, i.e. at least 48 hours in advance. Regarding demonstrations on campus, the University asks that these be reported, preferably at least five working days in advance, to Campus & Facilities, at servicecentre-cf [at] (servicecentre-cf[at]ru[dot]nl). This makes it possible to organise venue availability and make arrangements for the demonstration to run smoothly for all involved. The Municipality also emphasises that criminal offences during demonstrations (such as unlawful entry of rooms and vandalism) remain prohibited and that action will be taken against perpetrators.

The right to protest is a great good, which the Executive Board is committed to upholding, but so is the safety of all students and staff. Radboud University expects all visitors to the campus to act in a respectful way. Expressions of sexism, racism, discrimination or physical or verbal threats will not be tolerated at Radboud University.