Foto Fritz Wienicke
Foto Fritz Wienicke

Meet one of the new members of the OC: Fritz

I am Frederik (Fritz) Wienicke and I am a third-year PhD student in the Department of Clinical Psychology. My research focuses on the effectiveness and moderators of short-term psychodynamic psychotherapy for depression.

In my spare time, I practice yoga and pottery. I recently bought a pottery wheel and I find it wonderfully relaxing to do pottery after a hard day's work and a lot of concentration. 

Why did you join the OC? 

I joined the OC because I wanted to gain more insight into the functioning of our faculty and because I can well imagine that experience in university politics could be useful, even after my PhD. The themes I would like to improve within our faculty are mainly related to the problems and obstacles PhD students face, such as fair treatment and payment of PhD students on external grants, non-Dutch-speaking PhDs and the social safety of PhD students. 

Bonus question: How do you feel about the current Dutch weather? 

I have lived in the Netherlands since 2014, when I started my bachelor in Enschede. A funny story is that non-Dutch people often complain about the bad weather, but I come from the rainiest city in Germany, so I think the Dutch weather is not so bad. 

Fritz is one of the younger members of the FSS. Like you, he would like to work in a place where there is room for improvement. Do you have an issue or suggestion you would like to discuss with the RC? Feel free to have a chat with him, or email OC [at] (OC[at]socsci[dot]ru[dot]nl).

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