Memories of #RadboudIntro21

A campus full of cheerful students

Memories of #RadboudIntro21

The Radboud Orientation Week brought back life to campus and we could not be happier to see everyone (back). For some of us, the week full of activities and events meant showing new students the best spots in Nijmegen as a mentor. For first-year students it meant creating new friendships, discovering Nijmegen and Radboud University and getting the best start to their studies. No matter which role you played during the week, we are sure everyone made lasting memories! Whether students were dancing to the beats of the Introshow or browsing the Orientation Market for a student organisation, we have snapshotted these reminiscent memories:


Rediscovering old passions and finding new ones

What better time to join a group of students that you share an interest with than at the beginning of the new academic year. There are more than 150 student organisations at Radboud University and if you participated in the Orientation, there is no way you have missed their preview at the Orientation Market with all its booths and stands. But we can imagine that because of all the hustle and bustle during Orientation Week and the past year you were not able to make a choice yet. Whether you are a creative soul, a never-resting sports person or a globetrotter, there is an organisation that fits you. Make the most out of your student time and find an organisation for you.


All beginnings are difficult - but don't have to be

Memories of #RadboudIntro21

The Orientation Week also means a new beginning for around 4.000 first-year students. An exciting time in which having a guide and finding new friends can make all the difference. On the first day of the Orientation Week, first-year students met their intro group for the first time with which they were about to spend a week full of activities and events. VOXweb captured impressions from this first thrilling encounter.

Impressions meeting your intro group