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schrijvende hand

Mentoring Academic Staff

Learning from and with each other

Are you an academic staff member and would you like to learn from the experience(s) of a colleague, or would you like to share your experience? There is availability again in the Mentoring Academic Staff programme.

The programme involves an academic staff member (postdoc, lecturer, UD, UHD or professor) having four to five conversations with a mentor over six months. The mentors are recruited among our UHDs and professors. Matching takes place on the basis of intake forms completed by both mentee and mentor. Since the start of the programme in 2022, we have helped 30 mentees find a mentor and we get a lot of positive feedback from both sides. So if you also want to become a mentee or mentor, sign up for the programme via gROW (always choose automatic login).


Are you stuck in your work or no longer happy in your job? Or are you suffering from stress or work pressure? Besides learning from a more senior colleague, the RU offers counselling sessions with a coach for all employees. The coach helps you gain insight into your question. Together with the coach, you examine what you can do yourself to gain and maintain control over your own career and/or vitality. Whether individual coaching or a workshop or training course is the best option, is something you decide together during the consultation. For more information, go to gROW (always choose  automatic login).