MKB Datalab Kick-off
MKB Datalab Kick-off

MKB Datalab-Oost officially started

The official kick-off of the ‘MKB Datalab-Oost’ (SME Datalab-East) took place on Monday 15 May. This new AI & Data Lab is a collaboration between Radboud Artificial Intelligence and University of Twente, in which students from Radboud University AI (FSW) and Data Science (FNWI) work on AI and data issues of SME entrepreneurs from the East Netherlands region.

With the MKB Datalab-Oost, Radboud University and University of Twente want to support regional SMEs in more data-driven (and therefore smarter) entrepreneurship. MKB Datalab-Oost provides workshops for entrepreneurs, masterclasses (AI for Business) and inspiration sessions from the two locations in addition to individual (tailor-made) assignments. The students are paid by the clients (via Campus Detachering) and they are assisted in the implementation of the assignments and workshops by AI and Data Science lecturers from Radboud University. These are Dr. Yuliya Shapovalova from FNWI and Dr. Wim Wiegerinck from FSW.

Dirk van Schaijk is managing director of this new lab and invites master students and 3rd year bachelor students of AI and/or Data Science to register with him for individual assignments and/or workshops. In addition to an attractive payment (via Campus Detachering), the lab also offers students relevant work experience and good network contacts.

MKB Datalab-Oost has been made possible by ICAI Netherlands, NWO and thanks to funding from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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Do you want more information? Please get in touch with Dirk van Schaijk.

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