Onderwijsdag op de HAN
Onderwijsdag op de HAN

Month of AI | Professionalisation of Teachers

On Wednesday, 14th June, the NL Tech Week education day took place at the HAN as part of the Month of AI in Education. The focus was on the professionalisation of teachers and teacher educators in relation to AI. The audience included representatives from primary education, secondary education, higher vocational education, higher education and the business community. Such a broad audience was expected and appreciated, helping stimulate new conversations and new perspectives.

What happens when you bring AI into the classroom? What does it mean for students and teachers? What tasks can AI perform, and do we want it to? In quick succession, Inge Molenaar, Director of NOLAI, clearly mapped out the questions being asked of our education professionals, the opportunities and risks and the frame of reference we can use. The focus on the self-cooking robot was a big hit, especially with Inge Molenaar, who wanted to buy it there and then.  

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Getting to Work 

In the Netherlands, we strongly value steering power from the teacher, which means there is a considerable responsibility for these professionals and their trainers to get started with AI. We know that teachers like to learn through collaboration and good conversation, so for part of the afternoon, we had a short introduction to how NOLAI works. At various tables, themes such as professionalisation, self-regulation, collaboration, chatbots, well-being and motivation were explored. How can AI support in these? Ideas flew across the table, ranging from study buddies for students and/or teachers, to a manual with handy implementation plans for schools, to an adaptive learning tool that considers how a child feels. It was certainly interesting and useful for further conversation! 


Pierre Gorissen, Associate Lecturer in Learning with ICT at the iXperium and associated with NOLAI's scientific programme, closed the day with a clear focus on the professionalisation of the profession. "AI is already in our education, not only through ChatGPT, and not always visible. Just think of the handwriting recognition in Microsoft OneNote, for example, or the images in PowerPoint that automatically come with a text description. That, too, is AI. 

Teachers of the future make conscious choices about when and what they (do not) use AI for. They help pupils become digitally literate in a world where AI is taken for granted. 

This requires very specific, sometimes new, competencies. The required professionalisation is ideally integrated into the teacher's daily practice, with room for experimentation and trial and error. A separate course is not enough here. Within the iXperium and NOLAI, efforts are therefore being made to achieve this". 

Required Competences 

Furthering our Understanding 

Inge Molenaar, Director of NOLAI, already stressed, "It's good to always be aware of what generative AI like ChatGPT actually is: not human, not accurate, and it doesn't understand people either, although in every way it seems to. AI or smart technology is defined by what we put into it, the time-honoured garbage in = garbage out principle.''

Stay Involved 

Inge: ‘’Right now, in education, we are deciding together how to deal with this new form of AI. Let's do that consciously and responsibly by collecting and sharing knowledge and cases.’’ Kevin van de Pol and Serge Thill of NOLAI are doing just that again today at the sold-out ChatGPT Education Congress during this Month of AI. 

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June | Month of AI in Education 

And so there is much more to come this Month of AI. Keep an eye out and connect (online) where you can for guaranteed inspiration. View the agenda. 

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