Radboud Sounds - Hans en Esmeralda
Radboud Sounds - Hans en Esmeralda

Music as a pain relief

Music gives us energy, joy and comfort. Yet when we stub our toe, we don't immediately listen to a Miles Davis record. Could this be a better idea than you’d think? Can we use music to cope with pain? Come and learn from pain expert Esmeralda Blaney Davidson and anesthesiologist Hans Timmerman about the way music can be used to reduce pain.

21.00 – 21.20 uur | Café  


Is pain measurable?

The pain threshold is not the same for everyone and it can also change throughout our lives. There is also a lot of scientific evidence that the pain threshold differs between men and women. Yet measuring pain can also be difficult: how do we know that the level of pain I feel is the same as your level?

In their research at Radboudumc, Esmeralda Blaney Davidson and Hans Timmerman study the different ways we experience pain. In doing so, they ask themselves: how can we heighten our pain threshold? Can music help us do this? Esmeralda Blaney Davidson and Hans Timmerman will discuss this after a short lecture. Come and learn more about music, pain and healing.

This Soundbite is in Dutch.

About the speakers

Esmeralda Blaney Davidson is an associate professor at Radboudumc. Her research focuses on the interface between pain and our immune systems. She also looks at gender differences in the experience of pain. See also Esmeralda Blaney Davidson at De Universiteit van Nederland.

Hans Timmerman is an senior researcher at the University Medical Centre Groningen. He obtained his PhD at Radboudumc in the department of pain, anaesthesiology and palliative care. His research focuses on pain, sensation and the measurement of pain.

Radboud Sounds

This program is part of Radboud Sounds. The festival where science meets music with lectures, dance, live music and more on Friday 12 May 2023 in Doornroosje, Nijmegen. Come and celebrate Radboud University’s 100th anniversary. Radboud University scientists from various disciplines shed their light on music and science. Come and listen, dance, enjoy and sharpen your mind on the effect of music. Compose your own program and see the world of music from a different viewpoint.

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