Nieuwe bedrijfskleding
Nieuwe bedrijfskleding

New corporate clothing for service employees

Campus & Facilities' service concept focuses on customer-oriented, personal and recognisable service in all its services. Recognisable and uniform company clothing makes an important contribution to this. Employees who are in daily contact with customers and guests recently started wearing new uniforms for even better recognition.

With this corporate clothing, employees are not only clearly recognisable among others on campus, but the clothing also characterises the services they provide.

Bedrijfskleding reception desks

For example, cleaners' clothing is different from that of reception staff. The new corporate clothing has the same, professional and representative Radboud look for everyone but is still unique for each department.

Cleaning staff have been wearing the new corporate clothing since the end of December 2022, while staff at the reception desks on campus changed into new clothes this spring. From 2024, the other departments and teams will follow!