TLC tool interdisciplinair onderwijs
TLC tool interdisciplinair onderwijs

New: Design Tool for Interdisciplinary Education

The Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre is launching a new tool that makes it easier to (further) develop interdisciplinary education. Through five assignments you will become aware of the characteristics of interdisciplinary education and get tools for designing it.

Interdisciplinary education is one of the ways in which we can effectively introduce students to other perspectives on a (social) issue. In interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary education, traditional boundaries are broken down, such as between different courses, disciplines or institutions; which stimulates new ideas and innovative solutions.

The tool was developed by Marit Rensink, coordinator of the Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre. "With interdisciplinary education, we teach students skills to tackle complex issues. Interdisciplinary collaboration teaches you to look differently, to put yourself in someone else's shoes and so you come up with innovative, constructive ideas. It gives students insight and confidence in how to apply academic knowledge. With the design tool, I want to offer teachers a helping hand in developing interdisciplinary education," Rensink said. The design tool is her final assignment of the educational leadership course.

The design tool is clearly structured and serves as a guide in the educational development process. Using five assignments, you will think about the purpose of your teaching, apply activating learning mechanisms and effectively use building blocks for interdisciplinary learning.
The tool is available to everyone and can be downloaded for free from Radboud University's faculty website. If you would like tips or guidance in applying the tool, please contact TLC [at]

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TLC-tool interdisicplinair onderwijs

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