Foto van drie studenten in een klaslokaal met twee laptops voor zich.
Foto van drie studenten in een klaslokaal met twee laptops voor zich.

New educational vision: academic, personal and sustainable

Academic, personal and sustainable. These are the three pillars of Radboud University's educational vision. They constitute the future-oriented enhancement of the three pillars of our previous educational vision: Quality, commitment and clarity. And they contribute to the common language that we use when we talk about what is important for our education, our students, our lecturers and our university.

The educational vision was adopted by the Executive Board at the end of November 2023 and, in the meantime, the faculties are developing it in more detail. The new educational vision makes clear what is important for good education at Radboud University. It provides direction and guidance for the development and innovation of our education and the subsequent choices that we make.

The educational vision details the three pillars for students, lecturers and the university. This has resulted in nine ‘windows’. Together, they provide a view on teaching and learning at Radboud University, namely as academic, personal and sustainable education.

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The nine windows of educational vision

The educational vision as a guideline

Radboud University's educational vision forms a common starting point. Faculties and departments will use the educational vision as a guiding principle for the continuous development of education within a cycle of planning, implementation, evaluation and improvement to education. The educational vision provides direction for making choices and provides guidance for the ongoing discussion about these decisions.

We use this entire calendar year 2024 to make the new educational vision part of our educational practice. Exchanging examples and reflecting on teaching and learning are encouraged. A first moment for this will be during The Education Days, organised by the Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre. From Monday 18 March to Thursday 21 March, Radboud University lecturers will share their teaching and experiences. Current issues in our education will also take centre stage, such as equal opportunities for students, digitalisation and the interaction between society and education. In this way, we can learn with and from each other and make the new educational vision tangible.

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