New features IEEE

Several new features are available in the IEEE Xplore database. In addition to new journals, e-books and videos, you will find immersive articles and there are multiple features to store literature for your research.

Immersive articles

IEEE Xplore now includes articles in which you can drag, move, click and more. An example is an article that uses genetic algorythms to solve the 8-queens problem. For all immersive articles, click here. The icon of the clicking hand under a result takes you directly to the immersive article.

Research projects & favorites

In IEEE, My Research Projects allows you to organise your documents into categories and different projects. Via the "My Favorites" you get to see your favourite journals on the homepage.

Conference videos & new literature

IEICE Communications Express magazine has been added, as well as e-books from Packt. Titles from River Publishers and Princeton University Press are newly added to IEEE Xplore. Videos of conferences are now available in the database.

Contact information

Do you have questions about IEEE Xplore? Contact the Library of Science, we are happy to help. 

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