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Logo Maand van AI 2024

NOLAI Webinars in the Month of AI

June is the annual Month of AI, organised by NOLAI, Kennisnet, SURF and the Dutch AI Coalition. Numerous free events will be organised this month throughout the country and online. We guarantee you'll be inspired! NOLAI has organised three (free) webinars on AI in education during the Month of AI.

Tuesday 11th June (16:00-16:45): AI Technology and Data in Education 

AI in education is greatly discussed in the Netherlands. Where do scientists actually stand on this? Is there already national or international research? And what has been gained from this research? At NOLAI, this is reviewed every year. AI technology and sustainable handling of data is an important focus when developing AI for education. During this webinar from NOLAI, Kilian Geryszewski (Teacher in Residence) and Job Doesburg (researcher) will inform you! What is the current situation? 

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Tuesday 18th June (16:00-16:45): Ethical Issues Around AI in Education  

AI is taking on an increasing role in education. It is expected that smart technology can improve the quality of education by enabling customised teaching, reducing teacher workloads and promoting access to learning resources. At the same time, AI in education carries ethical risks. Consider the growing influence of large tech companies on the education sector, reduced teacher autonomy and the loss of meaningful human contact.  

To deal with these, organisations worldwide have created guidelines for the use of AI in schools with recommendations for responsible use of smart technology. These guidelines are being explored within NOLAI. During this webinar, Kevin van der Pol (Teacher in Residence) and Yuri Tax (researcher) will update you on the results of this study. There will also be room to discuss the main findings. 

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  • Thursday 20th June (16:00-16:45): Educational Research on AI in Education 

In this webinar, we would like to update you on the current scientific situation on AI in education from a pedagogical-didactic and professionalisation perspective. Oana Costache (researcher) and Wouter Jansen (Teacher in Residence) will present their findings. Afterwards, there will be plenty of time for all your questions. 

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Month of AI 

The Month of AI (MVAI) is all about exploring, changing and connecting. Every week, free online and live on-site events are organised on AI in education. Get informed by trusted knowledge partners and experts in the field, exchange views with other professionals within and outside your sector or industry, and actively contribute to changing our education system. MVAI is a joint initiative of Kennisnet, Nederlandse AI Coalitie (NL AIC), Npuls, NOLAI, SURF and the special interest group AI in Education, (SIG AIED).

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