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NWO project on Responsible Scaling for digital innovation

Lotte Krabbenborg is co-PI of NWO project on Responsible Scaling for digital innovation in mental healthcare.

Currently, much is expected from digital technology and data-driven innovation. Scientists, companies, care organisation, regional economic boards are currently prioritising digital innovation for mental health, leading to many promises about how digital tools can improve care as well the accessibility of mental healthcare. Via a transdisciplinary research approach, the project attempts to lay the foundation for advancing responsible research and innovation processes, by studying how innovators, together with a broad group of stakeholders, can already from the start take experienced problems, (non) use practices, societal values and ethical considerations into account.

The project is being executed by a broad consortium led by prof. dr. Wouter Boon from the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University. Other research and education partners include the University of Twente, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht University (Information and Computing Sciences), Radboud University (ISiS), Hogeschool Utrecht. There is also a wide range of stakeholders participating in the project ranging from mental health institutes, digital innovation business partners, public partners, regional hubs, companies and knowledge institutes, as well as patient organisations. 

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