Thomas van Acquinogebouw na bezetting
Thomas van Acquinogebouw na bezetting

Occupation and vandalism TvA 1 and evacuation of tent camp

Yesterday in the late afternoon, activists occupied Thomas van Aquinostraat 1. When asked to leave, the group indicated they would not leave the premises voluntarily. Thereupon, Radboud University contacted the police.


Police found an ostensibly empty building later that evening, where complete havoc was wreaked. The police combed through the building room by room, just to be sure all activists had left. The activists had made barricades, turned on fire hoses, and applied numerous graffiti to the building, among other things. Activists had entered a locked room where completed forms were stored. These included course evaluations filled out anonymously by students. It is currently being investigated whether a data breach notification is necessary. 


Tent camp  

After this, Mayor Hubert Bruls gave the order to evacuate the tent camp. The municipality released the following statement about it:  

"The tent camp will be cleared tonight with the permission of the 'gezagsdriehoek’, because of its clear relationship to today's vandalism and occupation. It must stop now. No destruction or violence should ever be necessary to make a point."  

The Executive Board of Radboud University understands and supports the mayor's decision to clear the tent camp.  


Cleaning and preparing the building for use began immediately on the morning of 6 June. It is unclear how much time this will take exactly. No one can work or study in the building until this is completed. Approximately ten educational activities that were scheduled in TvA 1 today and tomorrow have been moved to another location.  

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