IMM sportsday
IMM sportsday

olIMMpiad2023: the lively and energetic sports day of IMM

The fifth edition of OlIMMpiad, the sports day for employees of the Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM), took place at the RU campus sports centre on Wednesday 5 July. This sports event provided our colleagues a break from their daily work routines and also offered a chance to strengthen relationships and build on teamwork.


A variety of sports were set up across the venue, such as beach volleyball, knots ball, frisbee and dodgeball. Employees from various IMM research departments formed teams and eagerly participated in all sports offered throughout the afternoon. The highlight of the event was the tug of  war game at the end, where IMM teams showed their strengths and endurance qualities. Participants enjoyed the sports day and bonded with colleagues outside of their group. Everyone enjoyed the BBQ afterwards at the Huygens terrace, feeling tired and proud of their efforts and successes. olIMMpiad2023 was a energizing event and a great success.

Prize winners

The winning teams of OlIMMpiad2023 are: 
1st place = Masters of disasters (SOC)
2nd place = FElIe strijders (HFML/FELIX)
3rd place = Group OBP (P&O, F&C, C&CZ) and The Ultrafast Magneteers (USCM-SSI). Note: Due to a mistake the team The supervisors were mentioned as third place winners. 

Prize Best dressed team: Protein punks (SOC)
Honorable mentions best dressed team: Noisey newts (BC) and Proud Lovers of Statistics (AC&C)

We warmly congratulate all of the winning teams. And a big applause to the organising committee: Belinda Eijgenraam (chair), Aafke Jonker, Jasper Linnartz, Daan Hamstra, Ine Verhaegh, Marieke Egbertzen, Piero Ferrari

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