Jongeren stoppen met roken
Jongeren stoppen met roken

On world non-smoking day, we help young people quit smoking!

Today is World Non-Smoking Day. Do we think about our youngsters today? Despite the huge commitment to smoking prevention among young people, no evidence-based intervention is available in the Netherlands to help young people quit smoking. While quitting at a young age has enormous health benefits. It is therefore our mission to support young people in quitting smoking. We are therefore launching a large-scale study today.

For and by young people

Not only have we developed an intervention for young people, we have done so with youth so that it really suits their needs. Besides youth, researchers, game designers and partners in the field collaborated on the development of the mobile intervention. Detour is the result of this. In honour of World Non-Smoking Day, today we start recruiting participants for our study on the effectiveness of Detour. We will compare Detour with another smoking cessation tool.

Take a Detour!

Detour is an app that contains game elements. The game in Detour can be used in the moment when the desire to smoke is high. In addition, through Detour, young people develop an image of their future self as a non-smoker and set goals for this that can be monitored. Detour is personally tailored to each young person so that it matches the individual's needs. Young people can use a social-media shell to support each other in quitting smoking.

Do you want to quit smoking? Or support young people in doing so?

More information for young people who want to participate in our research, professionals who want to help young people quit smoking and media who want to write about our research can be found at:


This project is funded by KWF Dutch Cancer Society & Erasmus+.