Opening OnePlanet locatie
Opening OnePlanet locatie

OnePlanet Research Center Expands at Radboud University

A world in which everyone can live healthily and have access to healthy and sustainably produced food. That is the aim with which OnePlanet Research Center started with an office in Wageningen and Nijmegen, three years ago. Because of the growth in technological innovations, the branch in Nijmegen is expanding. On 12 July it was opened by John Berends, the Queen's Commissioner in Gelderland.

Together with (Gelderland) companies and knowledge institutions, OnePlanet develops new technological applications for agriculture, the environment, the food sector, preventive health and the behaviour and mental well-being of people. In this way, the innovation center contributes to a solution for today's problems. It is a multidisciplinary collaboration between Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Radboud University, Radboud university medical centre and nanotechnology world player imec.

Chris Van Hoof, General Manager OnePlanet: 'After the strong growth and progress of OnePlanet's innovations, we are ready for the next steps.'

Those next steps are above all more testing and validation, so that the innovations for preventive health and the food sector, among others, eventually find their way to the market. The necessary clinical validations and measurement pilots require even more interaction with WUR, Radboud University and colleagues at imec. Hence the expansion of the Nijmegen branch.

The photo shows John Berends, the Queen's Commissioner for the province of Gelderland, planting an apple tree in a bucket equipped with sensors that measure root growth (among other things), as an opening gesture.

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