OSIRIS unavailable from 15 April to 19 April

From Monday 15 April to Friday morning 19 April, OSIRIS will be unavailable as it is being transferred to the cloud. From Friday 19 April at 10.00, you will be able to use OSIRIS again.

When preparing the transfer to the cloud, careful consideration was given to the period during which OSIRIS will be unavailable. The goal was to minimize inconvenience both within Radboud University and outside (such as DUO or Studielink).

Consequences for students

Standard functions unavailable

During this period, you cannot use the standard functions you normally use OSIRIS for, such as consulting course data, registering for courses and assessments and reading tutor notes. You will also not be able to view your grades during this period.

Adjusted tuition fees debit date

Do you pay your tuition fees in monthly instalments? Then it is important to know that tuition fees will be debited on a different date this month for one time only due to the maintenance. The new debit date is 30 April instead of 26 April.

Student counselling appointment system unavailable

During the maintenance, it is not possible to sign up for a counselling programme with the student psychologist, the study trainer or the study choice and career counsellor. You can also not make any changes or additions to ongoing cases. Finally, it is not possible to register for workshops.

Consequences for lecturers and other employees

Not possible to enter grades

During the maintenance, you cannot consult course data and results or enter them in OSIRIS. You will also not be able to consult students' study progress during this period. 

Cannot create notes as counsellor

You cannot take notes for students following counselling sessions during this period either. Students will also not be able to view previously created notes during the maintenance.

Contact information

Do you have questions about information on OSIRIS during this period? Then please contact your faculty's Student Information Point or the key-users of your faculty or division.