Portret van alumnus Mika Kraft
Portret van alumnus Mika Kraft

People of Social Sciences: Mika Kraft

Mika Kraft received his Bachelor's degree in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology in November 2022. During his student days, Mika was active in various fields within his study association and the council. Now, Mika is a city councillor in Nijmegen and works at DeGoedeZaak in Amsterdam.

"In the end, I took just over four years to complete my Bachelor's. However, this did not stop me from making the choice not to pursue a subsequent Master's degree. I thought studying had been nice for now, but I decided to take a leap of faith. It can bring uncertainty, but I knew I could start a Master's the year after if I wanted to. So instead, I started looking for a new challenge that I could tackle.

Eventually, several aspects developed in my life. First of all, I was told in February 2023 that I could become a councillor on behalf of the PvdA in Nijmegen. From 8th March, I was officially sworn in as a councillor and will work on the Care & Welfare and Culture portfolios in the coming period. During the same period, I received my first job interview invitation. This interview turned out very well, allowing me to start working for DeGoedeZaak in Amsterdam on 1st April.

My studies taught me that being socially involved is and remains essential. From this, I also developed my activist point of view. I am currently one of Nijmegen's youngest council members, and I think it is important to keep students actively involved. This way, we can support social issues that are important to young people on the agenda.

At the moment, I am very happy with the choice I made and what has come my way. I can only advise students that when they have doubts or need time for orientation, they should take this freedom and look for what they really want."

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