Ontvangers Christine Mohrmann stipendia
Ontvangers Christine Mohrmann stipendia

PhD candidates Emmie Hoebens and Sofía Forchieri will receive Christine Mohrmann Stipend

PhD candidates Emmie Hoebens and Sofiía Forchieri (Faculty of Arts) will receive a Christine Mohrmann Stipend on Tuesday 28 March. The aim of the stipend is to encourage PhD candidates to continue their academic careers after the completion of their thesis. The stipend worth 5000 euros gives them the opportunity, for example, to spend a period at a university abroad or to deepen their research in another way.

The ceremony will take place from 3.30 to 5.15 pm in the Radboud University auditorium and will be chaired by prof. dr. Daniël Wigboldus (President Executive Board) and presented by Prof. Dr. Liedeke Plate (Director RICH). The laureates will each give a brief presentation of their research and plans for spending the stipend, and the (deputy) deans will respond briefly.

Emmie Hoebens

Emmie Hoebens conducts sociolinguistic research in a Mennonite Old Colony settlement in the South of Mexico. In the 16th century, Baptist followers of the Frisian ex-priest Menno Simons fled from the Netherlands and arrived in Mexico almost four centuries later (1922). What is the role of Plautdietsch in the survival of the religious way of life of this community? Based on Hymes’ Ethnography of Speaking Emmie aims to contribute to the understanding of the social functioning of a heritage language in interaction with religion and education. The stipend will be used to promote more insight into these communities, in collaboration with some research institutes in Mexico.

Sofía Forchieri

Sofía Forchieri researches how contemporary Latin American women writers are imagining and remembering feminicide, the killing of women because of their gender. The aim of her PhD project is to show how, by experimenting with unusual narrative frameworks and emotions, these writers open up new ways of understanding and remembering gender violence. With the stipend, Sofía plans to visit the Center for Memory Studies in Buenos Aires and the Alberto Hurtado University in Santiago de Chile to collaborate with researchers working on cultural memory and gender studies.

Research Institutes

Emmie Hoebens conducts her research within the Center for Language Studies (CLS). Sofía Forchieri is a PhD candidate at the Radboud Institute for Culture and History (RICH). The Centre for Language Studies is a research institute dedicated to the understanding of language and the way we use it. The Radboud Institute for Culture & History is a research institute that focuses on understanding the complexities of the past and present of Europe in a changing world. Do you want to learn more about any of these research institutes?



Eleven laureates

In addition to Emmie and Sofía, nine other promising female PhD candidates are receiving a Christine Mohrmann Stipend. The eleven laureates of 2023 are: Alicia Castro, Carmen Schleijpen, Emmie Hoebens, Klara Raiber, Nelleke Brouwer, Nina de Boer, Michelle Jansen, Sofía Forchieri, Sabine Schootemeijer, Sara Arts and Xinyue Li.

The Executive Board of Radboud University has awarded the Christine Mohrmann Stipendia (until 2015: Frye stipendia) annually since 1990 to promising female PhD candidates. Nominations for the stipends are made by the board of the faculty in question. The College of Deans reviews the nominations. The presentation of the Christine Mohrmann stipends takes place annually in March, around the celebration of International Women's Day.