handen met handschoen en laptop
handen met handschoen en laptop

Phishing - don't get seduced

During the winter months, there is a spike in phishing activities. The ICT department notices again that criminals are more active. The attempts to seduce you via e-mails, app and SMS are sometimes difficult to distinguish from 'real' messages. Before you know it, you'll click on the wrong link or unintentionally give out personal information.

This is how to keep your data safe

Consider your own clicking behaviour. The university's spam filter will stop many phishing emails to your Radboud account. But it is always important to remain critical of e-mails, text messages, apps and phone calls yourself. Real and fake messages are almost indistinguishable. If you receive an 'unexpected' message, wait 3 seconds before clicking on a link or attachment and check that everything is correct.

If you use private devices for work or study, a good virus scan and vigilance is also important, because criminals can find an entry point to university systems through that route too.

Alarm signals

  • Impersonal salutation - Dear Sir/Madam, Dear customer, ... '
  • Urgent situations - Respond quickly or something bad will happen: 'Your account expires, confirm quickly, your relative is out of money or ... '
  • Asking for personal or financial information
  • Asking for username or password
  • Unusual sender
  • The link refers to a different website than the mail suggests. Check with www.checkjelinkje.nl

Do you have doubts about the message? Contact the sender by other means.

RAD privacy & security klein

Please report

Have you received a strange message in Outlook? Use the 'report phish' ‘report phish’  notification button to report it.

Do you think you have been tricked in a phishing email, SMS, app or phone call? Report it to the icthelpdesk [at] ru.nl (ICT Helpdesk). This will allow our experts to limit the damage.

If it involves a private device without data from the university? Have a virus scanner check your laptop/phone and follow the instructions.

Contact information

Please contact the ICT Helpdesk:

Email: icthelpdesk [at] ru.nl (icthelpdesk[at]ru[dot]nl)

Phone: 024 362 22 22

Questions about information security? Contact IB-Awareness [at] ru.nl (IB-Awareness) 

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