Menstruatieproducten pilot
Menstruatieproducten pilot

Pilot against menstrual poverty on campus

In the coming period, students and employees of Radboud University can use menstrual products for free when they need them. These products can be found at five locations across our campus.

Isabelle Kik, on behalf of the University Student Council (USC): “Research shows that almost ten percent of menstruating people sometimes do not have enough money to buy menstrual products. This can lead to these individuals not being able to move around freely. By offering free menstrual products at Radboud University, the USC hopes that everyone can come to the university at all times”.

Where are the products available?

The locations with these products are:

  • Collegezalencomplex: in a locker in both restrooms
  • Elinor Ostrom building: School Supply vending machine on the second floor (in front of the walkway to the Erasmus Building)
  • Huygens building: School Supply vending machine in the Library of Science
  • Maria Montessori building: School Supply vending machine on the ground floor, on the left side past the reception desk
  • University Library: School Supply vending machine on the second floor near the Coffee Corner

The School Supply vending machines contain tampons and pads, in addition to other products such as stationery and earplugs. You do not have to pay for the menstrual products in these vending machines during the pilot period.


The pilot with free menstrual products runs until the end of 2022. The assortment and locations were determined based on student input through the University Student Council. As a result, tampons and sanitary pads were chosen instead of menstrual cups. During the pilot we will see how much need there is on our campus for these products, and whether the chosen locations are suitable for this.


This pilot is an initiative of the University Student Council and is being conducted in cooperation with the Campus & Facilities Division. The products issued will be reimbursed thanks to a grant from the Radboud Student Fund.

Contact information

Do you have any questions or would you like to let us know what you think of the pilot? Please contact the University Student Council at usr [at] (usr[at]ru[dot]nl).